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Working Stations


Suitable for Split and Pressure system, which set the flow control, heat cycle, the exhaust, pressure control, temperature display, the transfer liquid injection / discharge ,etc, Such multi-functional in one compact package of components, it have the features of easy-to-use and installation, its material and operating characteristics to take into account long time of collector in high temperature and other characteristics of the system.

Main technical data

Technical data:
Dimension of Appearance:L42cm×W28cm×H14cm
Power Consumption:< 4W
Accuracy of temperature measuring:±2oC
Range of collector temperature measuring:-10~200oC
Range of tank temperature measuring:0~100oC
Suitable power of pump:4pcs,< 600W
Suitable power of electrical heater:1pc,<1500W
One Sensor for collector(pt1000, probe≤500oC, Silicon cable≤280oC)
Two Sensors for tank (pt1000, probe≤135oC, pvc cable≤105oC)
Ambient temperature:-10~50oC
Water proof grade:IP43