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Portable Solar Power System


Digilal equipment charging, emergency backup
power supply, the family illumination and household
appliances power supply

Technical Date
DC input: DC16V-40V
AC output power: 200W
AC output voltage: AC220V,50Hz
DC output voltage: DC12V
USB output: DC5V
Small, portable and easy to carry
Usage of solar energy,environmental friendly
The interface is simple, convenient to operate
Three output voltage,AC 220V,DC 12V,USB 5V, for different
power equipments,especially mobile digital equipments
Gird hybrid, and can be used as emergency charging backup
power supply
LED indicator shows system's working status



Capacity (AC) 200W
System voltage 12VDC
Best output power everyday 160WH
Inverter & controller box Input voltage DC16-40V
Noload curent DC12V 0.2A
Output wave Sine wave
Output AC voltage AC220V±2%
Output frequency 50Hz±0.1%
PREcision of output voltage ±3%
Output DC voltage 12V(500mA)
Overload ability 110%,30 Second
Invert efficiency 90%
Output voltage (USB) 5V (500mA)
Solar Panel Pmx 80W (2*40W)
Vmp 17.8V
Imp 4.5A
Battery Capacity 12V24AH
Bracket Aluminium alloy material, foldable
Accessories 5m connection cable 2 sets, the MC4 standard connectors and manual 1

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