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Integrative Pressurized Solar Water Heater

SolarMaster integrative pressurized system is a renovate model for the solar hot water, which adopts advanced heat pipe technology, combines heat pipe solar collector with pressurized tank to form a compact model.


Highly efficient absorber of high performance with daily average efficiency over 70%
Start up quickly, heat pipe transfer the heat energy into the storage tank in one direction
Withstand pressure of 6 Bar, can be connected directly with city water
No water inside the tubes, the system can still work even with several tubes breakage
Simple structure, easy to assembly and install
Can be used all year round in the very cold climate
Can be used together with Auxiliary electric boost
Long service life, can be used as long as 15 years

Model: SIP
Vacuum tube: High qulity borosilicate glass 3.3, Φ58*1800mm
Inner tank: SUS304-2B stainless steel plate, 1.5mm thickness
Outer tank: Color steel plate, 0.4mm thickness
Insulating layer: Polyurethane foam 55mm
Bracket: Galvanized steel
Capacity: 100L,150L,200L,250L,250L,300L