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Solar Home System

System Features
Adopt common standards and efficient solar monocrystalline panels, solar cell efficiency more than 17.5%
PV power generation integrated machine is novel,can be directly powered, eliminating the need for complicated wiring process
Syetm all connection are standardization, plug and run
The solar panel comes with a bracket for easy installation; also can be customized according to customer requirements
Flexible configuration, in accordance with the actual situation of the customer,changes in the configuration of the panels and batteries (to increase the battery using an external way)
Standard grid charging port for emergency battery charging (the charger is an optional accessory)

Loading reference

Loading item TV (100W) Light (40W) Refrigeratory
Working hour 15 hours 37.5 hours 18.75 hours

Technical parameters

PV power generation
integrated machine
Output power 500W
System voltage DC 24V
Output voltage AC 220V ±2% ( Capacitive
load or rectifier load ±3)
Output waveform Sine wave
Distortion No-load < 1% full load <3%
Output frequency 50Hz ±0.1%
Allowable overload 110%-1100W,30S
Surge power 1100w above untill the
short circuit,3 seconds
Over-load protection Lasts 30 seconds automatically
shut dowm the output can not be
automatically discharged
Over-temperature protection < 80℃
Solar module Output power 380W (2*190W)
Operating voltage 36.5V
Operating Current 10.4A
Battery capacity 12V150AH(2pcs)
Brackets Aluminium alloy
Fitting 10m connection cable 2 sets, the MC4 standard
connectors,and manual 1